A Multi-Player Shoot-em-up Game

AirForce2 (aka AForce) is a Graphical, Object Oriented, Platform Independent Shoot-em-up game. The keyboard is used to control a single ship, which must destroy all enemy ships. Arrow keys to turn, space bar to shoot. The game is based on a old Windows 3.1 game called Alien Airforce written by Robert Epps. The game has been ported to Java and C++ (Linux), and is free for anyone to download. Download, Dominate, Donate.

Many improvements have been made:
  • Maps - You can now load different maps
  • Weapons - New and improved weapons such as mines have been added
  • Mods - You can change the game around by playing games like capture the flag
  • Multiplayer (Almost Done) - The ability to battle friends over your LAN or Internet
  • Platform Independent - Java version for Windows and Mac users. Native Version for Linux, Unix, and *nix
  • Open Source - Don't like something? See room for improvement? Write your own code!
  • Pause Game - The ability to pause the game
  • Screenshots - A Built-in ability to take screen shots

For more information, please visit the AirForce2 Project Page at:

Have a lot of fun!

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